Creative Ministry Arts

Skills developed in CMA activities enhance a student’s ministry far beyond their academic career. We desire to help students find their place within the local church.

Creative Ministry Arts

The Creative Ministry arts program forms an integral part of Acadiana Christian School’s vision, mission, philosophy and values. The arts enable Christian schools to educate mind, body and spirit from a biblical world view. God has given each student specific abilities to utilize in fulfilling His purpose and as Christian educators we have the privilege of guiding our students in discovering and developing their unique talents.

CMA at ACS is focused on 4 pillars: 




*Graphic Design

CMA provides our students opportunities for self-expression, creativity, communication of ideas and beliefs, and worship. Skills developed in CMA activities enhance a student’s ministry far beyond their academic career. Because the arts utilize all areas of the brain and accommodate a variety of learning styles, all students can build beneficial skills, including development of abstract thinking, diligence, cooperation, patience, discernment and social skills. Whether they participate in music, visual arts or theater, fine arts skills are lifetime skills. Finally, CMA opens the imagination, speaks to the soul, and encourages curiosity, wonderment and awe as students learn to reflect the image of their Creator and honor Him by developing gifts He has placed within them. We desire for our students to grow their talents and ultimately find their place within the local church.

Honor the Lord for the glory of His name, Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness. Psalms 29:2

What We Offer


We believe music and song are a form of worship. Introducing students to this concept at a young age, and reinforcing throughout their school career, is vital to their spiritual walk with God.

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Media Arts

With our school focus on Creative Ministry Arts, we prepare students to offer their artistry to a world that longs for beauty, hope, and redemption from Prek through High School.

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Students practice sharing their faith and public speaking skills in their daily Bible class. Students are also taught how to effectively share the Gospel from within the curriculum of the daily Bible class.

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